Fury's Death

by Brey Willows

Fun-loving fury Megara Graves is seriously tired of working so hard. With the world collapsing around her, she no longer has time for the hedonistic lifestyle she adores. When religion merges with politics and both gods and humans show their true colors, she wonders if it would be better to let the world burn itself to the ground.

Dani Morana, more commonly known as Death, is busy not just with people dying as usual, but with the deaths caused by Chaos as well. She’s been horribly lonely for a long time but knows no one could possibly love her for who she is. Overwhelmed when the world erupts in fear and violence, she needs someone to turn to.

Will Meg and Dani be able to find their way through the darkness enveloping the earth? Or will Death be the last one standing?

Afterlife Inc. Series Book 3.





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Genre Fantasy, Romance
Length 83,000 words/240 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635550641
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Sheri

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1 review for Fury’s Death – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    I had a blast reading Brey Willows‘ Fury Trilogy (Afterlife Inc. series)! Never had I encountered anything like this before! All the Gods, Demigods, Demons, Devils, Furies, Angels, even the Cosmos, the list goes on… from all types of religions, philosophies, mythologies that you can think of, gathering together, mingling with mere mortals?! Wow! Now THAT’s original!

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