by Kris Bryant

Kennedy Wells is desperate to get back her dream job writing for Mainstream, Waters Publishing’s celebrity magazine. She’s worked too hard over the years to have it snatched away because of one tiny indiscretion that ended with a giant lawsuit. After five months of writing mind-numbing articles about current events, her boss agrees to let her get back to reporting on the rich and famous after one last story.

A born and bred city girl, Kennedy is sent to cover fishing in Alaska, which has her feeling just like a fish out of water. When Brynn Coleman, director of Alaska’s Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, comes to her rescue time after time, Kennedy can’t help but lower her guard and open herself up to Brynn’s standoffish charm. Falling for the sexy ranger is one thing, but is the possibility of love worth giving up a career she’s always dreamed of?






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Genre Romance
Length 70,000 words/240 pages
Publication Date May 17, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635551792
Editor Ashley Tillman
Cover Designer Sheri

Customer Reviews

1 review for Breakthrough – Paperback

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I was really looking forward to reading Kris Bryant’s latest novel and I was elated when I finally got me hands on it!

    Reading “Breatkthrough” immediately reminded me of my favourite Bryant book, “Forget Me Not.” Both set in remote places with an exotic feel. Whereas Ireland (one of my favourite places!) gave me a sense of peace & tranquility in the beautiful, serene landscapes, foothills, glorious rain showers, wet weather, as written so eloquently by Bryant; Alaska, with its majestically vast lands, lilywhite snow, exotic wildlife, rustic woods as explicitly described in this book, gave me a curiously calming feel in the midst of isolation, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Sublime!

    One of me favourite scenes was this incredibly hilarious “incident” in the beginning where poor city girl, Kennedy, already unhappy she was relegated to reporting about fishing in an isolated land far away from civilisation she was used to, where she was basically out of her elements, was unwittingly “attacked” whilst trapped in the middle of nowhere! Then, entered her “knight in shining armour,” so to speak – Brynn. Tall, butchy and so not her type….or so she thought!

    Somehow, Kennedy and Brynn found themselves thrusted into each other when Kennedy seemed to always land herself in trouble, be it indoors or outdoors, with Brynn always coming to her rescue! Their attraction to each other was almost instant although neither would take the first step in the early stages of their nervous friendship. It was adorable to read just how Brynn started feeling more and more protective of Kennedy’s well-being whereas Kennedy wanted to feel braver, less dependent on Brynn’s chilvary, and focus on her job on hand. But their growing feelings and affection for each other couldn’t be ignored anymore. To add to the adorableness factor between these two lovelies was the ultimate cutey, Wally , that unwittingly became their bridge to getting closer and more intimate with each other! Awwww….. And just wait until you read about Wally! Guaranteed you’ll fall in love with him!

    Also included in this light-hearted romance was a bit of thrills involving some unsavoury individuals. That was a fun ride!

    Not unlike “Forget Me Not,” both MCs were from places far away from each other. So what would become of them if they were to have a lasting relationship? Well, read it to find out!

    All in all, “Breakthrough” is a sweet, adventure-filled, adorable romance suffused with richly described glorious landscapes and surroundings. I can tell you that Bryant’s free rein with her excellent depiction of the sceneries makes me wanna visit Alaska!

    A truly delectable read! Kennedy & Brynn make one lovely couple….with Wally by their side!

    I have a feeling that whoever reads it will enjoy it! I sure did!

    p.s. Knowing that most of what’s written in this book actually happened to Bryant makes the story even more fascinating to read!

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