Shadow Dancers

by Suzie Clarke

Security specialist Rachel Portola and her wife, Claire, have begun to rebuild their lives and hope for their future. Rachel has made a promise to stay far away from danger, but her loyalties are tested when two of her team go missing while searching for Eshee Yumiko, the woman who will stop at nothing to see Rachel suffer. Rachel must find a way to become the hunter rather than the hunted and put an end to Eshee’s vendetta. But all Claire sees are Rachel’s broken promises, and her obsession to keep them safe by putting herself in peril may be the very thing that tears them apart for good.

Third and final book in the Moon Shadow series.



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Genre Intrigue/Thriller, Romance
Length 95,000 words/288 pages
Publication Date January 13, 2022
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635558296
Editor Victoria Villasenor and Shelley Thrasher
Cover Designer Tammy Seidick

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