Rogue Hunt & Enchanted Hunt

by Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand

Rogue Hunt

A young Alpha petitions Sylvan Mir for aid when someone, or some thing, raids the territory of the Snowcrest wolf Weres. While newly ascended Snowcrest Alpha Zora Constantine, along with Ash, the captain of her guard, awaits the decision of Sylvan’s war council, inter-Pack tensions rise. Especially when Ash and Sylvan’s centuri Jace develop an unexpected and unwanted primal attraction. Are the raids just an attempt to secure more territory by rogue Weres? Or is it all a ruse to bring Sylvan and her mate Drake out into the open where they are vulnerable to enemy attacks?

Enchanted Hunt

With the threat of new attacks on Snowcrest, Sylvan sends a cadre of warriors to aid in training Alpha Zora Constantine’s soldiers. Trent, one of Sylvan’s lieutenants, understands her duty but can’t deny the primal call of another Were, even if acting on her desire for Zora risks inter-Pack war. When Sylvan receives an unexpected summons from Cecilia, Queen of Faerie, she decides to cross into Faerie despite Drake’s misgivings and against the advice of her war council. The Timberwolf stronghold has never been breached, but this time the enemy is shielded by dark magic, and no one is safe.

Two Midnight Hunters novellas.

A Midnight Hunters Series Books 7 & 8.



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Genre Paranormal, Romance
Length 68,000 words/230 pages
Publication Date September 17, 2020
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635559460
Cover Designer Sheri

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