Hard Pressed

by Aurora Rey

For Mira Lavigne, cider is about tradition, elegance, and class. She has little respect and even less patience for self-anointed mavericks who think their ticket to fame and fortune is throwing the rulebook out the window. Dylan Miller is one of those people. The only thing she loves more than pushing the envelope is finding ways to make cider, perry, and a few things she hasn’t even named yet more delicious and more accessible to everyone.

When Mira and Dylan are tapped to co-chair Finger Lakes Cider Week, neither can pass up the publicity and prestige of the role. But professional compromises raise personal stakes, and Dylan and Mira are hard-pressed to keep their businesses—and their hearts—out of harm’s way.



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Genre Romance
Length 84,000 words/288 pages
Publication Date October 13, 2022
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781636792101
Editor Ashley Tillman and Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Jeanine Henning

Customer Reviews

1 review for Hard Pressed – Paperback

  1. Ameliah

    I thought this was a fun lighthearted, sweet tale and I was really hooked from the start. I loved that this book was a follow up to another book that I read and loved, it was great to see the first couple again. I loved how this story was so easy to fall in love with. The characters were perfect, watching their lives evolve and seeing them fall for each other was a joy. The settings were beautiful and it made me really, really want to visit that part of the country. This will be a book I will be reading again and again!

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