A Talent Ignited

by Suzanne Lenoir

Evelyne, a disowned noblewoman, and Annika, a peasant girl with unusual powers, made the choice to be together in a kingdom where men make the rules. Now the Temple elders want Annika for murder and mercenaries want Evelyne for theft. But when Evelyne is abducted and Annika believes she has been abandoned, they must risk everything to find each other again.

Annika discovers the Temple has imprisoned children with abilities like hers, and she alone stands between them and death. She’s forced to face her fear of her own powers and soon learns to use them with the help of Zuri, a former slave who is also gifted with magic. Evelyne, no longer entitled to the favors and respect bestowed on the nobility, must convince her beautiful captor to help her return to Annika.

Doubt and questions plague them both, but one thing is for certain. The Temple has a long memory, and a familiar foe is coming for them.

The Valmoran Series Book 2.





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Genre Action/Adventure, Historical, Young Adult
Length 95,000 words/312 pages
Publication Date November 16, 2023
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781636794846
Editor Barbara Ann Wright
Cover Designer Fred Miller

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