Brace for Impact

by Becky Harmon

Dex Alexander has made an easy transition from flying planes in the Army to being a civilian airline pilot. Life in the military kept her from forming any romantic relationships—at least that’s what she tells herself.  Analyzing the real reasons would force her to dwell on feelings and emotions she’d rather not think about.

From the outside, it looks like Lucy Donovan leads an exciting life. Being a US Air Marshal takes her all over the world. But after fifteen years, the job has become a habit more than an adventure. She might finally be ready to settle down.

As the two women battle the challenges in their own lives, their connection to each other becomes evident. Can Dex convince Lucy they have a chance together before Lucy disappears again?



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Genre Romance
Length 228 pages
Publication Date January 17, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470086
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer LJ Hill



"When I began writing Brace For Impact I didn't know where it would take me. The story that would join a United States Air Marshal with a commercial pilot was already brewing in my mind when I took a vacation to Canada. It was an amazing trip and the story began to grow in my mind. I was very excited to take Dex and Lucy on a magical getaway to Niagara Falls and share some of the joy I felt while I was there. Many thanks for the inspiration to the two women that made my trip to Canada possible and to Lucy, the Canadian moose, for sharing her fuzzy face on the cover."

—Becky Harmon

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1 review for Brace for Impact – Paperback

  1. xwpvoyager

    A very fun fade to black romance about two dynamic women who like not sharing their personal space, who find their happily ever after. This is a very talented author with a perfect touch with dialogue, very natural and the perfect amount of show versus telling the story. Dex is a 34 year pilot based in Toronto, 2 months out of a 8 year career with the US Army. She has a terrific sister and 2 young adult nephews who love her, but she has distanced herself from any sort of emotional commitments so has no close friends and no ex-lovers. She robustly enjoys life and I loved reading of her adventures exploring new cities while she is on layovers and I loved seeing the life of a commercial airline pilot through her eyes. I had no idea they would fly both domestically and internationally, I figured it was one or the other. Lucy’s a 37 year old Air Marshall flying the sky 5 days a week all over the US and internationally. She chose her career when her father was on a flight on 9/11 that crashed in the twin towers. Her mother never recovered and they are not close. Lucy has been a gypsy, no close friends, no ex-lovers and she likes it that way, on the other hand she loves the excitement of a one night stand as long as the other person is clearly not looking for more. Lucy is a what you might call a player. She recently bought a home 4 hours south of Atlanta and enjoys fixing it up. Lucy is a great character who has a terrific joy of life and getting to know her makes the book so interesting.

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