Counting on Love

by RL Burgess

A rising star in the corporate world of finance, Zoe Cavendish is nursing a secret flame for her boss. She knows it’s stupid and her friends keep telling her she should move on, but somehow she can’t quite extinguish the hope.

The last thing on Reyna Azoulay’s mind is love. Not only is she busy with her demanding role as CEO of a high-flying financial advisory firm, but she’s also just recently taken in her sister’s child.

When Zoe is selected to present alongside Reyna at a prestigious international conference, they are thrown together and reality comes knocking—as does the suave keynote speaker who seems determined to whisk Zoe away into the desert sunset.

Will Zoe and Reyna realize what’s right in front of them before it’s too late?





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Genre Romance
Length 238 pages
Publication Date August 15, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470628e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"I was doing some work in an office environment and the hierarchy between people really intrigued me. There were some people you couldn’t go up and speak to, just because they were the boss! There were so many rules, spoken and unspoken, about the kinds of relationships people could develop, it left me wondering what would happen if two people’s hearts didn’t get the memo. At the time I was also doing a lot of reading about the financial world and how cutthroat it is, but it struck me that regular people having information about how to handle their own money is actually so important in this day and age, and we really need champions of this. I finished up in that office and suddenly all the strings wove together in my head, and I found myself dreaming up a blossoming romance between two people with lives very different from my own."

—RL Burgess


Reviewer@Large - When a book makes accounting an interesting profession, you can be assured that it is very well written indeed.

Zoe Cavendish works in Reyna Azoulay’s financial services firm as a financial advisor. Zoe is bright, hardworking and creative (yes, the author has managed to bring in unsuspected and unexpected dimensions to the accounting profession!), She has a group of friends who are all into all sorts of extreme-sounding sports—their idea of a weekend well-spent. Zoe has had the biggest crush on the owner, Reyna, for about two years. Reyna is involved wholly in her own life, more so with the recent death of her sister and brother-in-law, which sees her becoming a substitute parent to her eight-year old nephew. Reyna believes between her fast-growing firm and her nephew, she cannot have any other life. And she carries this belief into a possible relationship with Zoe, nipping it in the bud before it could even be called a fledgling relationship.

Zoe is so completely likeable that you are rooting for her right from page one. We found ourselves getting mad at Rayna’s rather unconvincing reasons to keep Zoe at an arm’s length and much worse, hurt her—more than once. We wanted Zoe to find someone better who would appreciate her more. Not that Reyna is bad, she’s just too wrapped up in herself, her fears and the limitations she has placed on herself and the boundaries she’s built around herself. Thankfully, given her commitment and responsibility towards her company and her nephew, we feel that she’ll stick by Zoe and do right by her once they get together.

This is a well written book with such an engaging MC in Zoe that it becomes quite an involving read.

Heather B. - Counting on Love is a book you can count on to love to read. This book has great characters and storyline. It is well written and entertaining.

Carrie K. - I liked the main characters as well as the supporting ones. Zoe and Reyna both had backstories that impacted their thoughts and actions. I thought they were both likable and I was rooting for their happiness. There was a nice depth to the story that made me feel invested in how things turned out. It made me cry. So it definitely hit at the heart during a few angsty moments. I recommend this to people who enjoy reading about romance, friendships, the corporate world, unexpected parenting, coping with loss, Alice Springs, and financial improvement.

Elle L. - Counting on Love by RL Burgess is a nice office romance that really took me by surprise.

Zoe Cavendish is a star employee at Azoulay House, a corporate finance advisory company. She likes her job, loves the new community program she’s developed and she might have a little crush on her boss, Reyna Azoulay. Reyna, CEO of Azoulay House, has a lot on her plate. She's single-handedly running a nationwide company. She’s recently lost her sister and is now her 8 years-old nephew's legal guardian. She definitely doesn't have time for romance in her life.

I appreciate that this wasn’t an insta-love romance. In fact, it’s quite a slow burn. It takes a while before anything happens between the two MCs. We get to know Zoe and Reyna as independent, well-developed characters with backstories and their own set of friends. They’re both likable and there’s nice chemistry between them. Burgess’ prose is quite smooth and engaging, and the story progresses at a nice, realistic pace.

I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for an office romance that isn’t actually set in an office. Based on my enjoyment of this novel, I will very likely read another book by this author.

C-Spot Reviews
Counting on Love is a workplace romance story set in an Australian financial firm. Both characters are well developed beyond the bounds of the workplace. The writing and dialogue is well done and the descriptions of sunrise make me want to book a ticket.

Isabelle S. - An amazing workplace and slow-burn romance. This is the first book of this author that I read, and I look forward to the next. I enjoyed the story line. Both the main characters are lovable. And their attraction is obvious. An amazing read!

Melissa F. - This was a great book. I really like the power dynamics with boss/employee story lines. Add in longing crushes and kids and I'm a sucker. I will say I like a little more insta-love than this book offers, but I also know that's not a popular opinion. This book is more of a slow burn. It was nice having different scenes, obviously their work environment, but the conference setting sounded lovely. A change of pace like that is a welcome addition. The characters were a pleasure to read about.

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