Hero(ine) Addict

by Blythe H. Warren

Harper Maxfield is going to change the world. But first she has to change her life.

Harper’s mundane job provides a steady paycheck but not much else—leaving her feeling frustrated, a little empty, and wondering how she let her girlfriend talk her into it in the first place. Her friends and family wonder how she let her girlfriend talk her into anything—especially a relationship. But how could she help falling for a gorgeous, successful doctor who saves kids from cancer?

At least Harper has her volunteer work with Mental Illness Allies to fulfill her. And if the big fundraiser she’s organizing is the success she hopes it will be, maybe it will end in a full-time position with Allies.

When comic book artist Eliot DeSanto isn’t thinking about superheroes, sidekicks and archrivals, she’s worried about her niece, whose recent cancer diagnosis has turned her life upside down. Eliot has no time for anything outside of work and family. But when eager humanitarian Harper asks for help with a fundraiser, Eliot finds herself unable to resist the attractive young woman.

Their work brings them closer together, but with so many obstacles between them, will they have the courage to follow their hearts?





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Genre Romance
Length 214 pages
Publication Date July 16, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471458e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Joseph Krystofiak



"Comic books are pretty much the embodiment of my entertainment preferences—impactful messages wrapped up in a disarmingly innocuous package. To the casual observer, they seem frivolous—pictures with word balloons, how deep could they be? As it turns out, the answer is incredibly.

The more I learned about the hidden depths of comic books, the more I understood Eliot’s character and, in a sense, myself. For Eliot, it’s not just that she, like the characters she draws and is drawn to, is unexpectedly complex, complicated and serious, but also that she connects with what’s beneath the surface. As a character she ends up being at least as much heroine as heroine addict."

—Blythe H. Warren


Betty H. - This is actually a very pleasant romantic tale with serious undertones, specifically families living through issues of mental illness and childhood cancer. The author did an excellent job of weaving these very significant issues into an adorable romance between Eliot and Harper.

The writing in this story is excellent. The illnesses are handled in a very compassionate manner, and the characters are realistic. I am glad that I read this book. It is a beautiful story, and I enjoyed reading it. I will also be looking for more from this author.

Phoebe M. - Warren writes about some heavy topics in this slow-burn romance story, but like all comic story heroes, they always come from a dark past—or in this case present. There is plenty of humor mixed in here too. Warren keeps the reader balanced on that fine edge of just about to cry and then pulls you back with some humor.


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