Table for Two

by Kate Gavin

Reagan Murphy has always wanted a love like the one her parents share. She’s felt that missing piece even more since her father fell ill. On his orders to leave the house and take some time for herself, she snags the last table at a bustling downtown lunch spot. When a beautiful woman walks in and also demands a table, Reagan offers to share.

After a tense office meeting, all Jillian Jacobs wanted was a quick bite before she’d have to focus on a new and unreasonable deadline. Irritated by her empty stomach and by the prospect of waiting, Jillian resentfully accepts a seat at a stranger’s table. Lunch is filled with hostility, snide comments, and shades of derision from Jill. Even though she has a nice view across the table, Reagan is relieved at the end of their brief, onetime encounter.

When Jill’s mother hires Reagan’s restaurant group to cater a party, Jillian is forced into role of event coordinator. Reagan and Jill are thrown together again, and neither of them are happy about it.

Despite their rocky start, Reagan can see glimpses of Jill’s humor and kindness that she hides from the world. Navigating a professional relationship becomes complicated as their attraction grows. Will it get in the way and cause even bigger problems? Or will this be the start of something they’ve both been looking for all along?

Genre Romance
Publication Date March 11, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471878

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