by Jen Lawrence

Shayla Aja arrives in the small town of Nyx to visit her grandma Ellie who she hasn’t seen in a couple of years. She finds a lot has changed on the beekeeping farm, not only the house she had spent endless summers in, but also Ellie herself. The reason for these changes seems to centre entirely around Ellie’s new apiary manager: August.

August is infuriatingly attractive, shamelessly flirts with Shay apparently only to get under her skin, and Shay’s convinced that August is sponging off Ellie and taking advantage of her generous heart.

Needless to say, their relationship starts off shaky and is filled with suspicion and attraction. But when they attend the local farmers market and Shay experiences a magical incident, things between them change. Forced to trust August with this big secret, they grow closer and start to open up to each other, revealing more about themselves, their pasts, and the life-altering events that had brought them both to Ellie’s farm.



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Genre Fantasy
Publication Date August 18, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473759e

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