Paradise Pending

by Kris Purdy

Musician Dani Papineau really needs a vacation. So when her partner, Jo, is invited to speak at a conference in Spain, Dani tags along and insists they add on a week of pure R ‘n’ R in paradise. But when Jo is taken to a private hospital with chest pains, Dani realizes paradise is more like a nightmare.

Absent doctors, shady nurses, and seedy surroundings are the first clue that Dani and Jo have somehow stumbled into something sinister. Rescuing Jo from an unnecessary surgical procedure is the second clue. Dani doesn’t want to see what the third clue could be, and she and Jo flee the “hospital.” But when you’re in a foreign country and being tracked by people who want something neither Dani nor Jo can figure out, who do you trust?



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Genre Thriller
Publication Date February 16, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474381e

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