Playing with Fire

by Amanda Kabak

Harper Varnham just wants to make the perfect campfire apple turnover, but fate has other plans. When her best friend from childhood, and fellow boutique outdoor touring guide, breaks her leg, she suggests her sister, Mia Guzman, step in to help with the season. Remembering her teen crush on the free-spirited Mia, Harper readily agrees.

But Mia is…not who Harper remembers. Now, she’s quiet and secretive and Harper has a sinking feeling this is never going to work. But they have to make it work, or the guiding company will fold. After a mishap on the trail lands them in the same tent together for the last night of their first trip, Harper and Mia succumb to the attraction between them and for the rest of the season, they’re inseparable.

But with Mia’s reappearance, old Guzman family wounds have reopened, tearing open Mia’s emotional scars as well. When Mia ends things, Harper has to decide if she should let Mia go, or run after her.



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Genre Romance
Publication Date September 14, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474633e

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