A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

by Amy Allen

Harper Zeale is finally taking up the family business—hunting supernatural threats. One of her first jobs is to solve the murder of a girl at Malcolm-Baptiste College, a small school in central Illinois. It’s obvious the killer was a werewolf, but Esther Talbot—the only werewolf around—is a harmless puppy who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Without any leads to follow, Harper enlists the help of Esther and her friends in the search for the killer. All she has to do is keep them all alive, keep her dangerous instincts in check, and keep a lid on her foolish crush.



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Genre Romance, Paranormal
Length 228 pages
Publication Date January 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474732
Editor Heather Flournoy



"A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. I grew up fascinated by stories about ordinary people facing the supernatural, and wanted to do my own spin on the genre. This story’s first incarnation was nothing more than a silly little bit of fanfiction—I’ll leave it to the readers to find the obvious clues as to which fandom. It was a handful of chapters that people seemed to enjoy, imperfect though it was. When I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing an actual, full-length book I thought it would be a fun one to dust off and turn into something original. Given the first version’s brevity, and the fact that I didn’t want to just file off the serial numbers and throw it out into the world, I rebuilt it from the ground up.

Harper started out as much more of a classic hero. She was a badass and a lady-killer. But I started adding quirks, and all that changed. At some point, Harper turned more and more into this kind-hearted, headstrong girl who’s kind of stuck in the late nineties/early aughts. With each edit, and some wonderful insight from my beta reader, the dorky try-hard within began to shine through. And I hope everyone else loves her as much as I do."

—Amy Allen


Shimere A. - It was a fun read, and the characters were full of representation in every sense of the word. The world building was phenomenal in that I could picture everything described as if I were watching a movie.

The Lesbian Review
A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by Amy Allen features a slow burn romance between a sweetheart werewolf and a monster hunter who is searching for a horrible killer. This character driven piece has a load of great characters...There is a lot of subtlety in the story and metaphors that eventually become strikingly obvious. I was impressed by both the author’s cleverness and strength of the deeper messages. A more discerning reader than me will hopefully not miss a crucial clue about one of the characters, one that makes the metaphors come alive and gives the story a much greater depth. It turned a solid book into a really good one that I want to read again.

Carol C. - Very good read if you like the mythic mixed with real world type genre.

Mustard F. - Such an amazing book that can easily get the reader hooked!

Sara G. - Amy Allen is a new voice in this genre and one I’ll definitely read again. She creates characters with tons of diverse representation and really shines where it comes to the world building.

Kiana P. - Overall I enjoyed this short little book, and I hope it is enough of a success for another adventure for Harper and her little gang.

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