My Best Plan

by Cris Ascunce

Architect Gene López-Pérez has everything she’s ever wanted: her daughter Susana, a flourishing career, and Isa—the love of her life and Susana’s biological mother. But when Gene is denied entry to a hospital emergency room because Susana is not biologically hers, the harsh reality of her situation begins to sink in.

Meanwhile, Isa, a trailblazing biomedical engineer, juggles her hidden family life and a career threatened by homophobia in a male-dominated field. She doesn’t dare risk losing the funding for the important medical research that she’s doing.

When Spain legalizes same-sex marriage, Gene proposes a bold solution—move to Spain, marry, and secure the parental rights she’s never known. But Isa’s refusal sparks a rift, pushing Gene to a daring decision for her family’s future.

As Gene contemplates a groundbreaking legal battle for parental rights in Florida, and Isa’s career teeters on the edge, their love faces the ultimate test. Can they bridge the divide between them, or will their dreams and duties force them apart?



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Genre Romance, Fiction
Length 278 pages
Publication Date March 14, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475111
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Cris Ascunce



"I’ve always wanted to write a story that took place during the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. The problem was that I had to wait until those rights were granted—Florida being the last state to adjust its adoption laws. In this fight, I wanted to portray a couple with different views regarding these rights. One wanted a family, and the other was determined to fight for her right to keep her family."

—Cris Ascunce

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for My Best Plan – Paperback

  1. Jens

    By moving back and forth in time, the story is underpinned with complex detail. Gene’s drastic decision becomes more reflected and understandable. It becomes also clear how hard this is for both Isa and Gene. They are clearly still in love with each other and lovingly co-parent their daughter. Gene’s “Best Plan” is all the time questioned by self-doubt and agony about whether this was really a wise decision. Is it really “My Best Pan”? Both protagonists constantly question their actions and struggle with their current situation. Sometimes I found it hard to read on, given the heart-breaking plot. But it is complex, warm, and captivating and kept me reading.

  2. m71589

    This book blew me away. Cris Ascunce’s narrative dives deep into the relationships people build and the connections they share with one another. Through her poignantly scripted prose, she relates the importance of family and how it not only shapes one’s life, but their romantic relationships as well.
    This is a fantastic debut. It’s intelligent and insightful. Ascunce lets readers get to know these characters. They understand them. They feel their joy as well as their pain.

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