Sweet Home Alabarden Park

by TJ O'Shea

Fiona Turner wonders which challenge will be the death of her: the renovation of a massive, crumbling, centuries-old English castle to make it fit for the King and Queen of England, or turning an American into a proper English duchess.

As Princess Beryl’s lady-in-waiting, Fiona’s duties are usually limited to the tedium and tradition of royal functions, an obligation she loves. However, in preparation to host the king and queen’s anniversary party, Princess Beryl has tasked Fiona to put her several historical degrees to use and spearhead the renovation of a neglected, but beautiful estate called Alabarden Park. The castle’s latest young duchess, Alice Stewart, has agreed to the renovation and hosting the party, on the condition Fiona also help her manage the estate while she gets her bearings with a new peerage and sprawling inheritance. There is only one problem.

The new duchess is American. A reckless, cheerful, ebullient American.

Fiona’s introversion and devotion to tradition has met its match against Alice’s relentless effervescence and unorthodox ideas—but the constant friction creates an undeniable heat between them. When tragedy strikes unexpectedly, Fiona must choose between the royal duties close to her heart, or the duty she has to follow her heart.



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Genre Romance, Historical
Publication Date October 10, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475708e

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