Love in the Time of Corona

by Elena Graf

This third novel in the popular Hobbs series tells the inspiring story of how a community of close friends deals with the pandemic. It’s midwinter in Maine, and the biggest problem is a snowstorm. Only Liz Stolz, the senior doctor of Hobbs Family practice, is paying attention to the strange virus in China that’s roiling the financial markets. She tries to alert the town leaders to the potential danger, but police chief, Brenda Harrison, is distracted by Liz’s new physician’s assistant, Cherie Bois. Brenda’s interest repels Cherie. After witnessing police violence, Cherie despises cops. While Liz and Reverend Lucy Bartlett try to help Cherie get past the trauma and give Brenda a chance, the pandemic closes in. The friends are pushed together during the lockdown. Friendships and relationships are strained as they act selflessly and selfishly out of love, faith, and duty. Can they find new strength and forge deeper connections through helping one another and the town survive?

Hobbs Series Book 3.



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Genre General Fiction, Romance
Length 282 pages
Publication Date May 23, 2020
Publisher Purple Hand Press
ISBN 9781733449267

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