The Very Thought of You

by S. Ann Gardner

A nor’easter, the two women whose path is forever changed by it.

Alex lost her son, Teddy, to a drunk driver and the anguish of this sent her life into a spiral of pain that removed her from being able to love anyone. She lives in her glacial citadel and she likes it—the cold keeping the warmth out. Reese has made a life for herself and her little girl, Carly, alone and with no support from her family.

Reese and Alex brought together by an act of nature and torn asunder by an attraction and a desire that Alex does not want and runs from. Reese fights for a love that she cannot live without.

They survived the storm that brought them together and only love will deliver them from its aftermath.



Genre Romance
Length 153 pages
Publication Date March 1, 2013
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781863105421e
Editor Ruth Stanley
Cover Designer Helen Hayes

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