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Finding Her Way

by Riley Jefferson

Is it love or just great sex?

After ending an abusive marriage, Jerrica Kerrison is finally alive and she’s apologizing for nothing! She has a job with a financial firm in Boston, a townhouse in Newburyport, and a sports car she drives way too fast. Jerrica has everything except that indefinable emotion called love.

Madison Jeffrey is a lost soul. A PR job in the south has always protected Madison from the pressures of her family. But one day, fate brings her back to New England, forcing Madison to face her long buried demons, and a sister who despises her.

When a chance meeting brings Jerrica and Madison’s separate worlds crashing together, the attraction is instantaneous. After one passionate night together, Jerrica retreats into the safety of her world, leaving Madison to figure out what happened.

Will Jerrica open up her heart to the idea of love? Can Madison finally believe that she is worthy of unconditional love? Or will a devil hiding in the shadows tear them apart?



Genre Romance
Length 303 pages
Publication Date July 1, 2014
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781927282762e
Editor Nat Burns
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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