When the Corpse Lies

by Therese Szymanski

Bad-girl Brett Higgins is used to waking up next to beautiful women she hardly knows. Problem is, this one’s dead.

Tough, sexy, and dangerous, former underworld figure Brett Higgins knows the dark side of desire. But thanks to the love of ex-policewoman Allie Sullivan, all that has changed. Once of great interest to the Vice Squad, Brett’s adult entertainment business is now completely legit. And her only personal vice is a penchant for steamy cyber-sex. But if keeping her hands on the keyboard keeps them off other women, that’s better than cheating, right?

Unfortunately, Brett’s interludes on the Internet leave her vulnerable to someone from her shadowy past. Now the target of a terrifying conspiracy, Brett has no choice but to run. The pursuing police think she’s trying to get away with murder. If her enemies find her first, she’ll be lucky to get away alive.

A Motor City Thriller Book 6.



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Genre Mystery
Length 298
Publication Date August 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513746
Editor Anna Chinappi
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Books 6 of the Brett Higgins Mysteries.
  • Therese Szymanski is also an anthologist. Check out Bella After Dark titles like Wild Nights and Back to Basics.


Lambda Book Report
Jano Layne, January, 2005: Brett Higgins has lived a life that has often found her on the wrong side of the law. Her past has connected her with crimes that have kept her on the watch list of local Detroit detectives. As the co-owner of a strip club, however, she remains very close to the one vice she can't seem to shake: a love of beautiful women. Although life with her partner, Allie, seems to anchor her, Brett still has yearnings that she simultaneously tries to ignore and answer, which lands her in a lot of trouble.

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