Stealing Angel

by Terry Wolverton

Maggie Seaver is on the run. With Angel, the seven year old she has raised with her estranged ex-partner. Rescuing her daughter is an imperative she can no more ignore than breathing—Angel has been abused by her caretaker. Instinctively, Maggie flees toward the only help she can believe in.

As she careens down the Baja peninsula with her ex-partner, the FBI, and the American media all in pursuit, Maggie cannot afford to trust any help she finds along the way; she can rely only on her instincts and her source of spiritual strength.

Yet, when she reaches her destination, the reception she receives turns out to be far different from anything she could ever have expected.

Stealing Angel is a riveting, unforgettable journey through the spectacular landscape of the Baja, and the landscape of a woman’s spirit.



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Genre General Fiction
Length 294 pages
Publication Date August 1, 2011
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781935226451
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judy Fellows




GLBT Roundtable Adult 2012 Bibliography Finalist

GCLS Goldie Awards
Stealing Angel — Finalist, General/Dramatic Fiction.

Just About Write
Anna Furtado, November, 2011: Stealing Angel reads like a book of prayer, putting the reader in touch with struggles and questions each may have had in their own lives. The basic message that letting go is the key to inner peace permeates the story—and through this fascinating story, personal lessons may be learned. There are no lulls in the excitement either. Page after page is filled with movement. The journey by car across the border is reflective of the inner journey Maggie makes. This is a deeply moving story with an ending that will linger long after the journey has ended. It's a different kind of story but well worth the read. The relationship between Maggie and Angel is delightful. The inner life Maggie struggles with is fascinating, with lessons for everyone.

R Lynne, October, 2011: Stealing Angel is a very different novel. Maggie Seaver is estranged from her lover, Yoli, a singer whose career is just beginning to take off. When Maggie discovers that their daughter, Angel, is being abused by her caretaker, she sees no option other than taking Angel and leaving the country. What follows is the story of their hasty flight down the coast of Baja California. With the FBI on their trail, and their picture on national TV, Maggie must trust her instincts and her faith... Wolverton has filled Maggie's journey with colorful characters, and wonderful descriptions of the land South of the Border. She has brought to life the Light Beings, their guru, and their way of life. She's given her readers a memorable and thought-provoking read.

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