Slow Burn

by Marlene Leach

Sheriff Lydia Thompson has burned from the inside out until only ash remains. The small town she swore to protect rots from corruption and fear. A year to the day since her lover was taken as a political subversive, Lydia has let go of the future. Powerless and alone, the last thing she expects is a midnight visitor with impossible news.

Kay Majerra has escaped from the conformity and squalor of the crumbling city. Leaving behind rolling blackouts, service shutdowns and unrelenting violence against the poor and women, she wants only one thing: to return the political prisoner Leah to the world that so desperately needs her.

Lydia doesn’t believe that a girl so young can know that Leah is alive, let alone where she is being held. But hope finds small root as she and Kay set out across the ravaged country. If Leah can be saved, what next? There is no rest or peace to be found from the government that Leah so threatened. What can women so damaged and hunted do in the face of such powerfully entrenched evil?





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Genre Speculative
Length 182 pages
Publication Date March 16, 2015
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781935226789e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



Lesbian Reading Room
It is well written and, of course, well edited—by the esteemed Katherine V. Forrest... The world Ms. Leach has created is extremely well drawn, vivid, and evocative.

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