Saddled with Murder

by Barbara Treat Williams

Coming out as a lesbian is never easy and for single mom Britt Danner it’s been a total fiasco. Falling in love with a beautiful woman should be a heavenly experience. But when she’s your boss and has “forgotten” to mention she’s already married to a wife with psycho-stalker tendencies, things can go to hell really fast.

So when Britt’s aging Aunt Tess asks if she would return to rural Kansas to help take care of her ranch, Britt jumps at the chance. She hopes the hard work caring for the land and horses will help her move on, even though it means revisiting a place full of painful memories. Although it’s easy for Britt to ignore the rumors that the Shamrock Ranch is haunted, it’s harder to ignore the ghosts from her own past. Like her abusive ex-husband. Her eccentric sister Shelby who leads the local Wicca coven. And the ex-con mom who abandoned her.

The move has also exacerbated Britt’s tenuous relationship with her snarky teenaged son. Already conflicted about what he perceives as his mom’s “new” sexual orientation, Jake resents being uprooted from his urban home and friends and begins to act out in rebellious—and dangerous—ways. But are they as dangerous as the secrets buried deep under the dust in the attic and the dirt of the silo floor?





Genre Mystery
Length 178 pages
Publication Date December 5, 2016
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781935226833e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


Rainbow Book Reviews
Oh, boy, this is a roller coaster of a book! If you want a book with some fun characters and a breathless pace, you won't go far wrong with this one. There is a little romance here too, and although subtly and gently written, it's very sweet. However, it's far from the main focus of the book—it's the past coming back to bite so many characters in the butt that comprises the serious action of the story. The pacing is super-fast but the characters are all drawn out in pleasing ways, and I liked Williams's writing style, which was very easy to read.

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