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The Oath: Adearian Chronicles Book 1

by Shannon Harris

Ex-mercenary, Lanis Welsh, is finally at a place in her life where she is content with what and who she is; High Priestess Anya’s Protector and Lover. After an unexpected request, she has no choice but to leave Anya’s protection in thehands of someone else and travel back to the one place that holds nothing but bad memories. When she is manipulated into signing an oath she has no desire to fulfill, she questions the very truths she has built her life on. As strangers become friends and enemies become allies, Lanis must face the demons from her past. It doesn’t take her long to realize there is more going on than anyone could have ever foreseen and nothing and no one can be trusted.





Genre Romance, Science-Fiction
Length 300 pages
Publication Date February 1, 2016
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781943353170
Editor Kaycee Hawn
Cover Designer Michelle Brodeur

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