Atlantis Dying

by Angela Graves

Atlantis is a world of magic, inhabited by the descendants of gods. Descendants who’ve been cursed since the moment their ancestors defied orders to leave the mortal world two millennia ago.

Meanwhile on Earth, Alexa Delmon’s own magic awakens, allowing her to glimpse the lives of Atlantians. Unfamiliar with her roots, Alexa initially writes her visions off as nightmares fueled by the stresses of trying to finish her sophomore year of college. But dangerous truths surface as her gift develops. She was placed in hiding by an Atlantian resistance group because their immensely powerful queen—Alexa’s great-aunt—has always seen her existence as a threat.

The queen tracks Alexa’s emerging magic and sends a royal hunter right to her front door. Alexa barely escapes with the help of her sister and an unexpected ally—the queen’s only son.

How will this under-experienced trio elude the centuries-old system of oppression on Atlantis now that they’re actively being hunted? Their journey puts to test not only Alexa’s wit and heart, but also her core beliefs about herself.





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Genre Fantasy
Length 298 pages
Publication Date October 1, 2023
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781954213760e
Editor Kay Grey
Cover Designer Mich Brodeur

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