Dreams in a Jar

by JM Dragon

Thea Carter’s life isn’t her dream—it’s her nightmare.  Her only escape is in the books that she reads at the local bookstore. She can hide away there and dream of adventures, knowing they will only ever be in her mind. The owner, Marion Appleby, is one of her only friends, the sanctuary of the bookstore, and her friendship with Marion are her slice of normalcy. When Marion is taken ill, Thea’s life becomes even more complicated.

Sheryl Appleby, Marion’s niece, takes over the bookstore while her aunt recovers. Take control Sheryl and timid Thea’s first meeting is less than friendly.

After getting to know Thea, something in Sheryl starts to thaw, and she is determined to help Thea any way she can. She helps Thea embark on an adventure that she could never envision, not even through her cherished books. While on her journey, Thea finds the will to live again, and even the hope of love. But does she have the strength to open her jar of dreams, or will they be locked up forever?



Genre Romance
Publication Date November 1, 2019
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781988588315e
Editor CK King
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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