The Next Generation

by Annette Mori

Despite Toni’s legendary brilliance, even she could not stop the march of time. After learning her daughter, Joy, and Joy’s two best friends, Pepper and Alina, attempted to deceive the senior agents in The Organization with a bogus Spring Break cover story, she convinces her wife it’s time to let the Next Generation take over.

The last thing Pepper Maggio expects after agreeing to lead a mission is literally running into the woman she’s followed for years. Not only is Grace Turner beautiful, but she’s a passionate crusader for the same innocents that The Organization vows to protect. Along with her two best friends, the three young women embark on an adventure to save the day. But the mission quickly gets out of hand as the human traffickers target not only Grace and her film crew, but also the young Mexican woman who managed to catch Alina’s eye. Maria might be the bravest of the bunch as a survivor of one of the Mexican mines, but she’s a sitting duck if they don’t intervene. They might be the Next Generation, but they’ll need the full support of The Organization, including Pepper’s lethal mother, Val, to get out of Mexico alive.

The Next Generation Book 1.



Genre Romance, Action/Adventure
Length 77,858 words
Publication Date March 1, 2024
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781991040541e
Editor A. Koenig
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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