A Breathless Place

by Harper Bliss

The date is set. Six months from now, former music icon Isabel ‘Izzy’ Adler will die.

Since she lost her voice ten years ago, Izzy’s been to hell—and hasn’t found her way back. She would rather die than live without the instrument that used to define her.

When journalist Leila Zadeh is brought in to finish her biography, Izzy’s desire to end her life is profoundly challenged. But is the attraction between the two women enough to upend Izzy’s plan?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you a moving story about a woman’s journey from wanting death to choosing life.



Genre Romance
Length 73,000 words
Publication Date September 24, 2020
Publisher Ladylit Publishing
ISBN 9789887441571e

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Breathless Place, A – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    This is quite the book…. Izzy’s letter is long, detailed and very well thought out. It is interspersed at the beginning of some of the chapters. It is moving and thought-provoking and really, really made me feel… She isn’t so much clinically depressed as she is resigned and unable to cope with her circumstances. I think she will resonate with a lot of readers. I absolutely adored both Izzy and Leila. They are strong, sexy, intense and compelling. Their relationship is nothing less. I liked that this book was told in Izzy’s POV so we got to see what was going on in her head at all times. I also loved watching these women connect and relate to one another. The ending was every bit as wonderful as the rest of the book and was filled with hope and joy. The whole book was engaging and enthralling. I was unable to stop reading, not that I wanted to! Ms Bliss poured her heart and soul into this story and I am very grateful she did.

  2. Londeka B. (verified owner)

    A heartwarming story of love and resilience. I truly enjoyed the storyline as it healed me after a life changing car accident. Bravo to Ms Bliss!

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