Death Down Under

by Claire McNab

Detective Inspector Carol Ashton returns in the most formidable, baffling and important homicide case of her career…

Four women are dead, each strangled with an orange cord, their bodies ritually arranged. Carol and Detective Sergeant Mark Bourke know that this killer, like all serial killers, will be exceedingly difficult to track down.

The Australian press has sensationalized the murders, especially the fact that one of the victims was a lesbian. Madeline Shipley, star of The Shipley Report, claims that she has been contacted by the “Orange Strangler.”

Adding to the pressures on Carol is her relationship with Sybil Quade, who has grown increasingly restive with its secrecy. And Carol is learning uncomfortable truths about herself from the successful, confident Madeline Shipley.

Carol accumulates evidence, putting together clues in her relentless search for the Orange Strangler. And all the while, the killer is drawing closer to her than she dreams…

Third in the Carol Ashton Series.

Originally published by Naiad Press 1990.

Genre Mystery
Length 176 pages
Publication Date October 1, 2003
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513456A
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • The third book in the Inspector Carol Ashton Series
  • By the same author as the Denise Cleever and Kylie Kendall mysteries
  • Claire McNab is a nine-time finalist for Lambda Literary Awards and author of over 60 novels.
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