Happy Endings Are All Alike

by Sandra Scoppettone

It’s their last summer before college, and Jaret and Peggy have fallen deeply in love. They exchange love letters, have pet names, and spend hours alone in their special clearing in the woods. For once, life is perfect. But Jaret and Peggy live in Gardener’s Point, a small town a hundred miles from New York City, and a place where girls only date boys. In Gardener’s Point, being different isn’t easy–but nothing could prepare them for the danger that lies ahead.

A novel ahead of its time, Sandra Scoppettone’s 1978 lesbian young adult romance show how Jaret and Peggy’s relationship affects their friends, family, and town, and how, when Jaret is assaulted by a classmate, love and friendship win out.




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Publisher SP-Lizzie Skurnick
ISBN 9781939601049

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