Illuison Lake

by Sheryl Wright

A secret consortium, a bent banker, and a desperate lawyer are all that stand between Elliott Snowmaker and the inheritance of her great-uncle’s failing aircraft restoration business. Elliott doesn’t think twice about leaving her home in Toronto and making the long trip to New Mexico and Illusion Lake. Once there, she soon discovers that somebody wants her gone, and gone fast.

Staying was not the plan. But there’s something about Illusion Lake that definitely deserves her consideration. Besides, her new lawyer is hot as hell and worth a second or third look too.

Kiva Park is only at Illusion Lake for the winter. With a thriving criminal practice up north, handling the mundane chores of her dad’s general law office is a little on the dull side. But her plans for a quiet winter fly out the window when Elliott walks in the door. Elliott sets off all sorts of bells, but most disturbing is the way Kiva wants to reach out and brush Elliott’s bangs from those captivating blue eyes.

Kiva’s job is to manage Elliott’s inheritance, not investigate the strange demands of her father’s law partner. But with everyone gunning for her new client, it doesn’t take long for Kiva to figure out that there’s much more than Elliott’s inheritance and her own heart that are at risk.

Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 284 pages
Publication Date July 15, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471182A
Editor Katherine V. Forrest


GCLS Goldie Awards
Illusion Lake — Finalist, Romantic Blend.


"Writers are asked many of the same questions. “Where do you get your ideas?” is a big one. Well, according to the oath of authors everywhere, we’re not allowed to tell. No, just kidding. I actually have a big book called All the Ideas You Ever Wanted and More. Nope. I just made that up too. Here’s where the real well of ideas originates… Experience. Yup. Fall on you face, frack everything up, all of life’s mistakes are the sauce of the author. Sometimes good, often tough or even tragic, experience is a great catalyst of the imagination.

Illusion Lake is one of those stories with just a hint of experience behind it. Yes, I was an airline pilot and Great-uncle Elmo is a character based on, yes, Uncle Elmo. The rest began as I was researching water problems for First Nations. This was back when Michigan was fighting over clean drinking water and they weren’t alone. Here in Canada at that time, over 330 Indigenous Reserves were on boil water advisories, and not much has changed.

Water, I thought is more precious than oil, yet most of us haven’t got a clue what’s involved and what’s at stake. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not a subject that comes up until there’s a problem and back then, I was starting to comprehend just how big the problem was. So, where did I get the idea for Illusion Lake? It’s simple: Take summers as a kid at Uncle Elmo’s, my years of flying, and a mystery all centered on a little known lake. Oh there’s lots more sauce in the pie but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

Enjoy the adventure."

—Sheryl Wright


Natalie T. - This is such a great book that has an interesting mystery and then an excellent conclusion. I liked the romance between Kiva and Elliott but I think the strongest part of the novel was definitely the drama of Illusion Lake. I really liked getting to know all of the characters in the novel, and there's quite a lot of them but at no point did I feel overwhelmed by the many players. Wright did a great job of layering the story, setting and characters to build an excellent mystery novel with a very sweet romance.

Mikhila N. - I absolutely loved this story! Five stars! Sheryl Wright has the amazing ability of avoiding predictably. This is such a well thought out book with an amazing execution. With lovable characters, shocking plots and heartwarming moments I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Bonnie A. - Ms. Wright has written a great mystery, thriller, romance. The main characters are amazing. The plot is superb and well executed. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and recommend. 4.5 Stars

Lex Kent’s Reviews - If you are looking for a fun book filed with small town drama and intrigue, this book is for you. I think this is one of those books that will really surprise people. I truly believe this is Wright’s best book and it makes me excited to see what she has instore for us next.

Bonnie S. - Simply put, it is one of the best crime books I’ve read this year. To be honest I’m having a hard time writing this mainly because Illusion Lake offers us a very nice romance, mystery combination that takes a few twists and turns. Excellent read, by an author who obviously put in some time and I imagine a fair amount of research. Well done. Very, very good.

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