Love, Accidentally

by Jaime Clevenger and Aurora Rey

Sure, lesbians love to bring a U-Haul on the second date. But what happens when the U-Haul crashes?

For Amelia Stone, it’s a literal question as much as a figurative one. When plans to move in with her girlfriend go sideways, she’s left with more questions about their future than answers. It doesn’t help that she’s spending far more time with the paramedic who came to her rescue than the woman she’s supposed to be in love with.

When Finn Douglas responds to a routine traffic accident, the last thing she’s looking for is love. But something about Amelia pulls her in. The more time they spend together, the more it feels like Amelia might be The One. If only Amelia didn’t have her life all planned out with a woman who isn’t Finn.

A Mile High City Romance.

“Don’t miss A Convenient Arrangement in the Mile High Romance by Jaime and Aurora.”

Genre Romance
Length 304 pages
Publication Date November 18, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472394A
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"The story of Love, Accidentally came about kind of on accident. Aurora Rey and I weren’t planning on writing together. In fact, when we first tossed around the idea, we both had doubts about whether it would work at all. But I’m happy to say, it did work. And it was an absolute blast.

Aurora and I met at a GCLS conference. We chatted briefly about characters and chemistry—then became Facebook friends. It’s nice having writer friends because they completely understand when plot snags take over your life and also how you can fall for your own characters! Mostly we messaged each other about the books we were writing (on our own) but one time we got to joking about the perils of lesbian dating and the concept of a second-date U-Haul came up. One of us asked: What if the U-Haul crashed and instead of moving in with the new girlfriend, the unsuspecting lesbian finds herself falling for the paramedic who rescued her?

I can’t even remember now who posed the question but the plot took off from there. And then the characters we created turned into friends who needed us to write their story. We traded chapters over email, each picking up the story where the other had left off, and the U-Haul idea became Love, Accidentally. But we couldn’t stop there. We had another story idea waiting for us because our U-Haul characters had friends. So, the A Mile High City Romance series was born. We hope you enjoy Love, Accidentally as much as we enjoyed writing it."

—Jaime Clevenger and Aurora Rey


D. Booker - The writing is fantastic and I’m in awe of how seamless the writing is even when penned by two different authors. There is lots of steam, even more than the first book I think and the importance of being true and comfortable with yourself is a recurring theme which I really liked. Highly recommended 5 stars!

Carol C. - Even though this book is part of a series, I found that I can read it as a stand-alone, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a very light (not very much push/pull anxiety), fun read and I found the MC to be very believable. Also this is a dual author story and I loved that the writing style of both authors flowed wonderfully.

Amelia and Finn, which showed up just a bit in the first book of the series (but again can be a stand-alone), are the main characters in this storyline. The dialog is fun to read, and their humor had me chuckling throughout the story. This book is a great take on that joke, what do lesbians bring to their 2nd date....a U-Haul...smile. Also there is great chemistry between Amelia and Finn, some pretty hot scenes (that I am a sucker for).

All in all, a great read, I loved that these 2 authors are great at writing cohabitation, I look forward to this series continuing and possibly more series from these 2 authors together.

Laura G. - Love, Accidentally is a part of the Mile High City Romance series. A collaboration between Jamie Clevenger and Aurora Rey. The main characters in this one, Finn and Amelia are featured in a much lesser capacity in A Convenient Arrangement, which is the story of Jess and Cody. I really love these two characters. Finn is pretty much perfect. She's there for Amelia more than her girlfriend, even when they don't know each other. I hope we get more collaborations from Aurora Rey and Jamie Clevenger. The characters were charming, Nana was an absolute rock star and made me think of my own Gram, who always thought I could do no wrong, even when presented with evidence to the contrary. This is a light-hearted read that I highly recommend. It will bring a smile to your face.

Meike V. - Who doesn’t like a U-Haul joke! I really enjoyed reading this book. This is the second book in the “A Mile High City Romance” series, by Rey and Clevenger and once again they show how compatible their writing is. It is also great to see that this is not only a collaboration between writers, but also between publishers. This story runs in parallel with the first book A Convenient Arrangement. All in all, this is a happy feel-good book, which I easily recommend. I hope Clevenger and Rey will write a book together again in the future.

Betty H. - Love Accidentally (A Mile High City Romance #2) by Jaime Clevenger and Aurora Rey, is a wonderful romantic collaboration by two exceptional authors. This is the second book in the series, but unlike most, these stories do not have to be read in order. Both novels take place at the same time, just to two different couples who are connected through friendship. In each story, the “non-main couple” are secondary characters. I really like this concept.

The pace of this story is good, the characters are well-developed, and the sex scenes are steamy. This is a great, uplifting story to read, and I highly recommend it. In fact, read both novels in whatever order you want.

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