by Lise MacTague

In Chicago’s dark underbelly, Snow, a solitary wolf, faces her greatest challenge yet. Leading the city’s remaining werewolf Alphas, she navigates a perilous path of survival. They’re haunted by a merciless enemy who’s not only murdered their leaders but also captured most of their packs. Snow’s task is complicated by the fragile alliance with four dominant Alphas—each battling for supremacy.

Cassidy Nolan, amidst this turmoil, clings to her vision of leadership. Confined in a van with rival Alphas, her determination never falters with Snow, her unwavering ally, at her side. Together, they’re on a relentless quest to rescue their kin, facing an elusive and cunning adversary.

As their journey grows more desperate, the bond between Snow and Cassidy strengthens. This alliance might be their only hope to unite the Alphas and save their packs. But with time running out and trust scarce, will their newfound strength be enough to conquer the challenges ahead?

Sequel to Winter’s Moons.

Genre Fantasy
Length 322 pages
Publication Date January 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474961A
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"I’ve often thought that authors must have a sadistic streak, and I find that I’m no different than my colleagues. When starting my outline for Moonbreak, I wondered how I could ramp up the conflict after having already done the worst I could to Snow and Cassidy in Winter’s Moons. After some thought, I decided I would channel a little Sartre, and the famous line “hell is other people.”

What worse fate could there be for a werewolf Alpha than to be stuck in a van with three other Alphas? The prospect of trapping four people used to being in charge in a situation where they had to work together filled me with glee. I felt a little bad for Snow, who as someone who had placed herself outside the hierarchical structure of the packs would be forced to be the adult in the room, but not enough to change anything.

The result was better than I could have hoped for. Delicious conflict abounds in Moonbreak as the characters must navigate the disappearances of their packs, each other, and the dubious alliances they’re forced to make along the way. I enjoyed writing this rollercoaster, and I’m more than satisfied with how it wraps up the story that was started in Winter’s Moons."

—Lise MacTague


AJ S. - Another great installment of the Five Moons Rising series.

Shimere A. - The author excels not only in world-building but also in crafting well-rounded characters, featuring a diverse range from wolven and vampires to witches and fae.

Net Galley
Henrietta B. - The whole world-building is absolutely great and the writing superb…

The Lesbian Review
This deeply drawn world of fur and fangs and structured societal order is a thrilling read that has me looking forward to the series being complete so I can go back and read all of the books back to back and immerse myself in that world.

Della B. - MacTague is at her best in this novel. The strategic building of the suspense as the odds are stacking against the alphas is intense. And the addition of magic is brilliant. I was definitely not expecting it. I could not put this book down.

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