No Sister of Mine

by Jeanne G'Fellers

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LaRenna Belsas had always dreamed of the Kimshee lifestyle. These silent serving sisters of the Taelach military were known as much for their reckless mannerisms as they were honored for the dangers they faced bringing Taelach daughters to their raisers. LarRenna looked forward to taking her place among them, even though it meant an apprenticeship under an experienced Kimshee. Or would it?

No Sister of Mine is the first entry in a series of lesbian Science Fiction novels set in a world where humans are nothing more than a genetic trace. But that trace has left its mark—namely a race of telepathic women who must fight to coexist with a patriarchal humanoid society who wishes nothing more than the eradication of its “white witch” cousins.

Book 1: No Sister of Mine – Winner, Golden Crown Award, Finalist Lambda Literary Award
Book 2: Sister Lost, Sister Found – Winner, Golden Crown Award
Book 3: Sisters’ Flight – Finalist, Golden Crown Award



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Genre Speculative
Publication Date January 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books

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