June new releases promise romance

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New releases for June are in and they’re heartfelt tales of intrigue, mystery, and romance! From a young Jewish girl’s queer awakening in a dystopian former-U.S. to an older woman solving a mysterious death to win back her first love’s heart, we’ve got the romantic stories you crave!

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The Papercutter by Cindy Rizzo

The United States of America has finally become so divided it can no longer be governed. In its place rise two separate nations: the God Fearing States and the United Progressive Regions. Judith Braverman is a teenager living an Orthodox Jewish community in the God Fearing States. She’s a talented artist who has a gift for papercutting and a gift for being able to tell instantly if someone is good or evil. When she and her friend Jeffrey befriend an openly queer girl from the United Progressive Regions, Judith feels herself pulled toward the new girl despite the danger their clandestine meeting poses.

This YA new release will make you rethink the impact of the division we experience today.

Old Love by Nancy J. Hedin

Mary loves the annual Midsummer Carnival and is heartbroken when it seems the festival might be canceled this year. Each year she hopes her mother might return with the carnival crew. She also hopes she’ll get a second chance with her first love Sadie who left town thirty years ago. When Sadie returns to town for a job, Mary thinks her dreams might all come true. Then it is revealed that the rights to the barbecue sauce recipe for the carnival are in question. Oh and two dead bodies have been found. Sadie is implicated in both deaths. Mary is determined to win Sadie’s love, exonerate her, solve the case, and save the carnival, all while helping the pregnant teen that works at her grocery story. Luckily, she has the help of her thieving, talking crow and her dog.

Don’t miss author Nancy J. Hedin’s great essay about how her new release evolved draft by draft.

Swipe Right by Tagan Shepard

Kieran has never been lucky in love. With one marriage ended after she came out as pansexual and another love lost in the wake of that breakup, Kieran has been firmly avoiding all attempts at dating. She’s had her heart broken enough. But when her comfortable, but very lonely life stops being enough, she decides to get back on the dating scene. Her friend Penelope gets her set up on the dating apps and helps Kieran recover after each disaster. Kieran really enjoys the time with her BFF until one of her dates asks if she’s sure that she doesn’t want more from Pen. Has love been by her side this whole time?

Check out author Tagan Shepard discussing how her new release showed her that there’s nothing like falling in love.

Save the Date

Bella Books’ new release Save the Date is here and in this romantic anthology, our authors celebrate weddings! Weddings are more than parties. They’re a rare gathering of friends and family, the start of a new adventure, and they celebrate love. This short story collection is sure to make you want to say “I do.” From a woman who realizes she was supposed to decline an invitation only after she’s arrived at a wedding to Death’s 700 year-old Head Minion turned bride, we’ve gathered the sapphic wedding stories that will make you laugh and cry from the following Bella authors:

  • Tagan Shepard
  • Jessie Chandler
  • Louise McBain
  • M.B. Guel
  • E. J. Noyes
  • Celeste Castro
  • Kay Acker
  • Dillon Watson
  • Cade Haddock Strong
  • Kate Gavin
  • Jaime Clevenger