March new releases are reluctant romances

New releases for March are in and they’re filled to the brim with reluctant romances! From a one-night stand turned something more to grieving hearts finding solace to a chance encounter leading to love, these fantastic new romances showcase queer women who are strong, resilient, and maybe not that interested in love…until they are.

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new release On the Rocks

On the Rocks by Riley Scott

Alex is a free-spirited artist trying to outrun her ghosts. When she arrives in Florida, all the way across the country from California and her past, she meets a bar owner who changes her life. Lennon has seen it all in her bartending days, but after a one-night stand with a newcomer, she has to wonder if she’s willing to feel it all. Can a booze-fueled night of passion ignite a lasting romance? Or will whiskey and self-desctruction lead to their downfall?

Author Riley Scott recently wrote about the role of cocktails in her new release.

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new release Leaving's Not the Only Way to Go

Leaving’s Not the Only Way to Go by Kay Acker

Lauren moved to Vermont to take care of her dying father, but now that he’s gone, she feels adrift. She should return to her old life, but how can she? After clashing with another woman at a work meeting, Lauren doesn’t know what to do. Georgia has always felt out of place as a bisexual autistic woman. When her best friend dies and leaves behind a daughter to care for, Georgia struggles to make her way in an unwelcoming world. A disastrous work meeting opens up new possibilities when Georgia’s daughter Hannah brings Lauren and Georgia together. Can they open themselves up to love or to heal, will they have to move on?

New release Leaving’s Not the Only Way to Go is Kay Acker’s debut novel!

Table for Two by Kate Gavin

Looking for respite, Reagan grabs the last table at a restaurant. When she sees another woman looking for a table at the crowded restaurant, she offers to share. Jillian just wants to grab a quick bite before getting back to her unrelenting deadline. Hangry and annoyed by the wait, she accepts a stranger’s offer to share a table. One disastrous, shadey lunch later, Reagan is grateful she’ll never have to see this awful woman again. Until Jill becomes one of Reagan’s catering clients. Can they navigate a professional relationship outside of their smoldering…hate? This is hate, right? Or did Reagan and Jill just find the romance they’ve been looking for all along?

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