Waltzing at Midnight

by Robbi McCoy

First crush, first passion, first love.

Trying to fill the empty places left by children going to college, Jean Davis decides to get out of the house and volunteer in the local mayoral campaign. It soon becomes obvious—though not to Jean—that she has a major crush on the candidate, Rosie Monroe. Thrilled by the excitement of politics and strangely flustered every time Rosie calls on her for help, Jean has never felt more alive. Rising to every challenge with newfound passion, she surprises everyone, including her husband, by flourishing under the stress of the hard-fought campaign. When dirty tricks by the other side damage Rosie’s reputation at the worst possible moment, Jean finally realizes that her feelings are not entirely about the thrill of the job. Two decades of doing what was expected of her are abruptly turned upside down, and she realizes she may just be in love—for the first time in her life.

Newcomer Robbi McCoy tells a passionate coming-of-age story about a mature woman whose life is only beginning. Full of surprises and difficult choices, Waltzing at Midnight is a heartfelt, endearing story about a woman we all know and the love that transforms her life. Winner, Golden Crown Literary Award.



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Genre Romance
Length 244
Publication Date March 15, 2009
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931536
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan




GCLS Goldie Awards

Waltzing at Midnight: Winner, Best Lesbian Debut Novel.

Just About Write

June, 2010: It's hard to believe that this is Robbi McCoy's first book because it's written with such skill. She doesn't rush her points, but draws the reader along at exactly the right pace. Not only is it enjoyable, but this is one of those books that it's hard to put down. If Waltzing at Midnight is indicative of McCoy's innate ability, then readers have some good stories to look forward to.


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