Heart on Fire

by Diana Simmonds

Jody Johnson is the rising Queen of Country who’s just been outed by the press. Adoring fans and groupies are fascinated by her cool image and unique voice, but they don’t see the loneliness beneath her seductive exterior.

On tour in the Australian Outback, the Johnson Band bus is marooned at Davanzo’s, a dot-on-the-map truck-stop motel. Also marooned—not that she’d admit it—is painter Grace Davanzo. She helps her parents in their restaurant kitchen and avoids anything that might stir past dark memories.

Grace is not charmed by the flirtatious musicians and definitely not by their leader. Yet there is a spark between Jody and Grace and it could be the one to start a bushfire, if they let it. Both are fearful, cautious and destined to go in different directions. Will Jody’s next album be one of heartbreak, or of hearts on fire?

Originally published by Naiad Press 1996.





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Genre Romance
Length 172 pages
Publication Date November 15, 2010
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932021e
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • On tour in the Australian Outback, the Johnson Band bus is marooned at Davanzo's, a dot-on-the-map truck-stop motel. Country star Jody Johnson wants in the worst way to leave, but Grace Davanzo has a way about her...
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