For Me and My Gal

by Robbi McCoy

Not only has architecture grad Shelby Pratt been fired from her job as a waitress, she’s locked her keys in the car and is infuriated when one of the women that just got her fired stops to offer help.

Gwen Lawford feels bad for the waitress, but it seems there’s little she can do. Director of a small Naval museum on San Francisco Bay, Gwen is working desperately to save the historic building from developers.

When Shelby learns that Gwen tries to get her rehired, she offers her thanks in person—giving her the chance to tour the museum and to meet the intriguing Gwen under better circumstances.

Soon they discover a mutual interest in unraveling a mysterious affair between a Rosie-the-Riveter shipyard worker and a Navy WAVES recruit, opening the door to continued contact…and deeper feelings.

But secrets of the past and present take a shocking personal turn for Shelby, and Gwen’s desire to set the past right could destroy any chance at a future of their own.

Combining romance, passion and the courageous history of women in wartime, Golden Crown Literary Award winner Robbi McCoy tells an unforgettable story of impossible love and the resilience of the human heart.



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Genre Romance
Length 286
Publication Date May 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932281
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callahan


  • A story within a story, featuring women who helped change the world.
  • By the Goldie award-winning author of Waltzing at Midnight, an instant classic.
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Lambda Literary Foundation
For Me and My Gal — Finalist, Lesbian Romance.

GCLS Goldie Awards
For Me and My Gal — Finalist, Historical Romance.


Piercing Fiction
Many women today do not realize that women were ever segregated into their own units in the military. Books like For Me and My Gal remind us of where we came from and how we got here. That is an important service in giving the reader a chance to reflect and think. For Me and My Gal has two romances, a bit of history and current topics. Robbi McCoy is a masterful writer and she delivers more than one great story in this book.

Just About Write
Anna Furtado, 11/2011: The apparent depth of research that went into the role of the "Rosies" and the WAVEs during WWII in the San Francisco Bay Area gives the story a firm foundation and the authenticity shines throughout. The characters are thoroughly enjoyable and the journal of the young WAVE gives us a glimpse into the 1940s gay culture and it gives the story an air of mystery. For Me and My Gal is both entertaining and informative. It's sure to be a hit with romance lovers and history buffs alike.

Lambda Literary
LambdaLiterary.org, 07/11: McCoy has written a fascinating story that takes place in 1944 and 2011, and seamlessly moves between the two stories... Even if you hated history in high school, you can read this book without fear of your historiphobia rising. You'll find it fascinating to read about "real" Rosie the Riveters and what they faced. This is a wonderful love story of four women, two from the past, two from the present, who find enduring love.

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