The First Robin of Spring

by Natalie London

Haunted by a fire that claimed the lives of two colleagues, Julie Burke seizes upon an unexpected inheritance from her aunt as the lifeline it is. Claiming the large Queen Anne home in Wisconsin she hopes to escape the nightmares. Free to pursue her passion for music, Julie’s path crosses more and more frequently with that of the attractive and intriguing Elisabeth de Gramont.

Elisabeth isn’t ready for a new relationship, even with a charming newcomer. She tells herself that Vickie Read’s betrayal has left her numb, but the feelings that stir as she watches the predatory Vickie circle Julie are more than protective.

What was supposed to be a new life with a fresh start is shadowed by old letters and new grudges in this captivating story of love that refuses to be.



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Genre Romance
Length 218
Publication Date January 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933202
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan




Lambda Literary Review
Although the two main characters sometimes lull the reader into thinking that this is just another tranquil romance filled only with the tumult of the early stages of love, the adventure of this tale never fails to surprise the dreamy-eyed romantic. The mystery begs to be solved and is driven by the author's skillful use of red herrings. London gives us a pleasant diversion as we move along with Elisabeth and Julie and their tentative journey into a relationship.

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