The Mystic Marriage

by Heather Rose Jones

Antuniet Chazillen lost everything the night her brother was executed. In exile, she swore that treason would not be the final chapter of the Chazillen legacy in Alpennia’s history. A long- hidden book of alchemical secrets provides the first hope of success, but her return to the capital is haunted by an enemy who wants those secrets for himself.

Jeanne, Vicomtesse de Cherdillac is bored. The Rotenek season is flat, her latest lover has grown tediously jealous and her usual crowd of friends fails to amuse. When Antuniet turns up on her doorstep seeking patronage for her alchemy experiments, what begins as amusement turns to interest, then something deeper. But Antuniet’s work draws danger that threatens even the crown of Alpennia.

The alchemy of precious gems throws two women into a crucible of adversity, but it is the alchemy of the human heart that transforms them both in this breathtaking follow-up to the widely acclaimed Daughter of Mystery.

A Novel of Alpennia Book 2.





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Genre Romance, Fantasy
Length 358 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2015
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934414e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative


GCLS Goldie Awards
The Mystic Marriage — Finalist, Lesbian Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Gaylactic Spectrum Award
The Mystic Marriage finalist for the Gaylactic Spectrum Best Novel award in 2016.

  • Book Two of the Alpennia series. Book One, Daughter of Mystery, is one of Bella's most reviewed titles!
  • Heather Rose Jones is already known to readers of the Sword and Sorceress anthologies.
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The Lesbian Review
Heather Rose Jones is a superior author. Any lovers of fantasy must give the Alpennia novels a chance. And if you are not a fan of fantasy but you like period dramas then this will work for you as well.

Praise for Heather Rose Jone and her Alpennia Series!
Tor.com — Daughter of Mystery - Top Book of 2014 Reviewer's Pick!

Where do I sign up for MORE OF THIS SORT OF THING..? - Liz Bourke

...When Heather Rose Jones begins - nearly imperceptibly - to bend reality it took me a minute or two to realize that she now had led the reader into the realm of fantasy. Well done! Brava! - Curve Magazine

Jones has done a wonderful job in creating the world of Alpennia. - Lambda Literary Review

Well built world is populated with a wonderful cast of believable characters. - C Spot Reviews

Heather Rose Jones writes masterfully. Her style is at the same time beautiful and easy to read, delightful and commanding of attention... - The Lesbrary

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Mystic Marriage, The – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    This second installment of Heather Rose Jones’ brilliant Alpennia series was another wonderfully crafted story for me! I was very excited to read this installment particularly because it was going to be about Antuniet! I was captivated by her mysterious persona since her introduction in Book 1 “Daughter Of Mystery.” I was so happy that HRJ told her story in this one.

    This is a MUST-READ! I absolutely this book! I was an instant fan of the Alpennia series since reading the 1st chapter of Book 1! I’d recommend starting with Book 1, “Daughter Of Mystery,” though, followed by this, “The Mystic Marriage.” A brilliantly written historical fantasy series!

    Well done & thank you, Ms. Jones!

  2. cyanie.boo (verified owner)

    I was afraid to read this book because I normally dislike shifting character focuses between books in series but I absolutely adored this book. I always wanted to know more about Jeanne when I first read about her in Daughter of Mystery and I’m so glad I gave this book a shot. It was lovely and Heather Rose Jones knows how to make me fall in love with her characters. I cannot wait to get my hands on Mother of Souls.

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