by Heather Rose Jones

The streets are a perilous place for a young laundry maid dismissed without a character for indecent acts. Roz knew the end of the path for a country girl alone in the city of Rotenek. A desperate escape in the night brings her to the doorstep of Dominique the dressmaker and the hope of a second chance beyond what she could have imagined. Roz’s apprenticeship with the needle, under the patronage of the royal thaumaturgist, wasn’t supposed to include learning magic, but Celeste, the dressmaker’s daughter, draws Roz into the mysterious world of the charm-wives. When floodwaters and fever sweep through the lower city, Celeste’s magical charms could bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor of Rotenek, but only if Roz can claim the help of some unlikely allies.

Set in the magical early 19th century world of Alpennia, Floodtide tells an independent tale that interweaves with the adventures.

A Novel of Alpennia.





$17.95 $16.95

Genre Historical, Fantasy
Length 270 pages
Publication Date November 14, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470468e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


Karen M. - Heather Rose Jones has a talent for meticulous world-building, and her writing shows intelligence and a flair for her craft. The hierarchy of society was integral to this story, and adding that to the idea of charms and mysteries made it a fascinating read. The word that comes to mind when finishing this book is exquisite. I loved it.

Louise F. - I really enjoyed the slow unravellings of the plot, and the calm, steady pacing. Floodtide is a wonderful novel and has really interested me in discovering more of the Alpennia world.

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