Captain of Industry

by Karin Kallmaker

The world is at Jennifer Lamont’s feet—right where she wants it. She has made breaking hearts a blood sport, and the cool, calculated use of other people’s backs has led to the stardom she has craved from the first time she heard applause. Lust or fear is all she has ever believed she could see in the eyes of others.

Suzanne Mason has built the enviable life she was always told smart geeks could never have. Fortune, fame and the beautiful girls usually reserved for captains of football teams are all hers. She has everything she ever wanted, except the one woman who is no one’s trophy.

Expert combatants in the games of life know there can only be one winner. Regardless of the scorching attraction between them, the game of love is no different, is it?

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Genre Romance
Length 304 pages
Publication Date June 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934919
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


GCLS Goldie Awards
Captain of Industry — Finalist, Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award.

  • When it comes to love, Jennifer and Suzanne treat it like any other game: they want to win.
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  • Reviews

    Lambda Literary Review
    Kallmaker writes in her distinctive sassy style, entertaining us with the full range of emotions experienced by the characters. In some respects, the main characters seem simple, but their complexity blossoms as we journey with them through their lives and their difficulties.

    Rainbow Book Reviews
    The latest offering from Karin Kallmaker tells the story of Suzanne and Jennifer, two women around the age of forty at the top of their respective games, who have both come to the realization that fame and fortune may not be all it's cracked up to be if you still go home alone nearly every night. For as much as I thought I disliked both women for different reasons, Kallmaker sucked me in with deeper character analysis that left me cheering them both on in the last few chapters. This is most definitely not a typical hearts-and-flowers romance. It is significantly more than that and well worth a read as a result.

    The Lesbian Review
    It is a great read. I expect a lot from Kallmaker and she delivered a good romance with interesting characters and a plot line that left me mulling it over for days. Good work from a great author.

    Lesbian Reading Room
    It's a delight to have Karin Kallmaker back at the writer's block after her quiet years…Extremely well written in classic Kallmaker style, with a great supporting cast of friends and colleagues and a fascinating exploration on the social scene these women inhabit, this one is a joy to read. The humour balances the seriousness of the underlying message and the success and growth of both women puts the heartache into the perspective of a grown up wider world.

    Customer Reviews

    6 reviews for Captain of Industry – Paperback

    1. JJ from Durham

      They say good things come to those who wait and Karin Kallmaker proves the theory with a long awaited new book “Captain of Industry”. Karin brought a lot of friends with her in this book, so if you’re a fan you’ll enjoy the mentioned of some familiar characters, and if you haven’t read all of Karin’s books she offers a convenient list so you can catch the backstories and you WILL want to. It also appears a borrowed “cross-over” character making a small appearance from the Shaken Series.

      Captain of Industry turns a “bad girl” into one you will root for. Karin does a fantastic job of filling in the details of how and why and brings it all together at the end.

    2. D. J. from Greentown

      Once again Ms. K. has given us an excellent read. A romance, but with reality involved. Love is important, but real life often puts up barriers. It’s a joy to read a book that doesn’t give us a trite issue and forced outcome. I especially enjoyed the character awakening toward the end of the story. This is truly one of Ms. K’s best yet. Thank you.

    3. Pat from London

      I have never read a Karin Kallmaker book that I have not thoroughly enjoyed. She is a superb storyteller who creates highly engaging plots, credible and carefully-researched scenarios and characters in whom one can believe. Every story is original and entertaining. In this novel she plays with time, giving us the back stories of her two principle protagonists so that we understand their motivations and decisions, their feelings and choices. My only minor criticism would be about the actor’s agent BeBe who felt to me as if she had been lifted from the character of the same name in ‘Frasier’ and was something of a pastiche. But still a cracking good read, as always from this cracking writer!

    4. Wheezie

      A thoroughly enjoyable read that I could not put down. Seeing the names of characters from her books I have read and loved throughout the years, all in one place was fantastic. Normally when I read a book that has a period of years between when characters meet, split up and then get back together you don’t even get a glimpse into what happened in the those years. Granted Karin doesn’t give you all 20yrs of their back story but you do get something better.

    5. cheekybugger13

      I enjoyed this book very much especially because I got to discover the real story behind the antagonist who inadvertently became a fiercely empathetic protagonist in this brilliantly told story. You’ll have to read Stepping Stone to get the whole picture of the indelible Jennifer Lamont.
      I highly recommend both these books!

    6. Diana N.

      As with all of Karin Kallmaker’s books I loved this one. She has always had a style that attracts me. I’m so happy to be retired (early) now and have been catching up on all her books I’ve missed over the years. Another one with strong characters and sexy attractions. She definitely still has “it”, in fact, it seems to have gotten better with time.

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