No One But You

by Catherine Maiorisi

Having been abandoned on her wedding day, bestselling novelist Lily Alexander is understandably cautious about dating again. Wealthy tech entrepreneur and notorious playgirl Robin DiLuca, on the other hand, loves to date. She just doesn’t do commitment.

When beautiful blond Lily and handsome butch Robin lock eyes across a crowded bar, the current flowing between this unlikely pair is more electrifying than anything either has felt before. Thus begins a long and sultry dance that will lead them to the altar and the promise of the perfect future.

But when the premature birth of their baby awakens horrendous secrets from Robin’s long-repressed past, she believes the only way to protect Lily and their daughter is to leave. Her decision devastates both women and all those who love them.

Can Robin’s unexpected encounter with a stranger on a beach be the catalyst for healing these two shattered hearts?





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Genre Romance
Length 298 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935480e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


Char Dafoe's Reviews - I went from anticipation, painful anticipation, to contentment to heartbreak. I thoroughly enjoyed falling in love with Robin and Lily as they fell in love with each other and journeyed through life in the sweet times, the passionate times, the challenging times and the scary, soul-crushing times. I got it all and more, but what I wasn't expecting was a deep, rich, psychological, heart-wrenching, torturous, wipe-my-tears-away kind of story. This was my first Catherine Maiorisi story and it definitely won't be my last.

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1 review for No One But You – eBook

  1. Cindy R

    This is a really good concept for a story and even though at times painful, it’s a good read. Loved the book but as a “southern”, boot wearing girl I had issues with the use of the word y’all. It’s plural and not to be used to or about one person. It made it look like typos where “you” would have been sufficient and made the character sound like a yahoo rednck at times instead of southern charm.

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