by Robbi McCoy

One moment San Francisco police officer Dani Barsetti is chasing a suspect through an apartment building. The next moment she wakes up in a completely different place and time. It’s the twenty-third century—at least that’s what she’s being told by a group of scientists who aren’t at all happy to see her. Their agent, a man sent back in time to kill a dangerous terrorist, has been killed by the terrorist instead. So now the scientists are proposing to send Dani back in time to finish the job.

It sounds great to Dani, who only wants to get home. Except for one thing—her trip into the future has totally erased her from the past. Her wife Gemma doesn’t know her. Her parents and siblings have never met her. And the police force has no record of her.

Could she start over? Could Gemma fall in love with her all over again? Dani has only two weeks to find out before she must return to the future. But is two weeks long enough to fall in love? Or is it only long enough to say goodbye…



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Genre Romance, Science-Fiction
Length 262 pages
Publication Date January 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935541
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
ErasedWinner, Science Fiction / Fantasy.


Lambda Literary Review
McCoy has written transitions between present and future skillfully while executing technical explanations which are easy to digest. As the story comes to its final conclusion, there is a satisfying resolution to each aspect of the narrative. Erased is a well-crafted story; even those who don't normally like science fiction or time travel tales will enjoy this cleverly written book.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Time travel stories have to be very well written for me to enjoy them, with plausible explanations for the ability to shift between centuries or decades, and at the same time the right stretch of the imagination for how the future (or past) would look. I'm pleased to report that "Erased" has all of that, and more. What set this apart from other time travel novels is the way McCoy explored the sometimes heart-wrenching emotion of Dani not being recognized by a single person she knew. The action element of it was entertaining…Highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Erased – Paperback

  1. mcqueent

    “Well thought out” and “Time Travel” rarely go together, but they do here. Within the ‘rules’ setup to start, most everything makes sense, and the surreal sense of not belonging is incredible. More amazing is how much I cared about Dani’s ‘forced’ re-relationship with Gemma – I was sceptical it could work believably, but Gemma’s perspective convinced me.

  2. keishie023

    I loved this book! Fast-paced and a definite thrill ride. These characters have so much depth, especially Dani and Gemma. I have a strong connection to both these characters and my imagination was completely piqued. Thank you so much for this story!

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