I Eat My Words

by Sandra de Helen

“Sandra de Helen’s new poetry cookbook, I Eat My Words, is a groundbreaking hybrid collection, executed with creativity, skill, and humor. In this romp through the worlds of poetry and mouth-watering recipes, the author has created a book that is practical, pleasing to the poetic sensibility, and downright fun to read.”  –Sandra Anfang, poet, visual artist, and author

“I Eat My Words is Sandra de Helen’s love letter to every reader who enjoys preparing and eating good food and finds sustenance in well written poetry. The concept of alternating recipes with poems is delightfully satisfying as well as sensorially appealing. The only request I would ask of the publisher is to place a warning label on this collection’s cover: DO NOT SHELVE THIS BOOK WITH YOUR OTHERS! KEEP IT CLOSE TO YOUR KITCHEN!” -Renée Bess, author of five novels and Between a Rock and a Soft Place, a collection of her poems, short stories, and essays





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Genre Poetry and Cooking
Length 118 pages
Publication Date July 10, 2022
Publisher Launch Point Press
ISBN 9781633041080e
Editor Lori L. Lake
Cover Designer Lorelei

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