Hunger for You

by Jenny Frame

Being Principe of an ancient vampire dynasty comes with difficult choices. For Byron Debrek that means putting the good of her clan and innocent mortals over her own desires. When she falls for the first woman to set her blood on fire in centuries, Byron must harden her heart and walk away.

For Amelia Honey, a suit designer at a Savile Row tailor, the six months spent with her first love were the most wonderful time of her life. Byron made her feel like a princess and awakened her darkest sexual desires. But then she disappeared, leaving her nothing but a first-class plane ticket and a broken heart.

When a dangerous enemy befriends Amelia, Byron is compelled to act. Will she be able to regain Amelia’s trust and protect her? Or will pain and anger drive Amelia into the hands of Byron’s enemies, and into the middle of a vampire war?

A Wild for You Novel Book 1.





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Genre Paranormal, Romance
Length 86,400 words/264 pages
Publication Date April 12, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781635551693
Editor Ruth Sternglantz
Cover Designer Tammy Seidick

Customer Reviews

1 review for Hunger for You – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    Just finished Jenny Frame’s latest, “Hunger For You.”Having read its prequel, “Dapper” previously, I was psyched to be able to find out what was in store for Byron & Amelia especially after Frame revealed she’d turn their story into a vampire story!

    I highly recommend a read especially if you’re into the paranormal & romance genres. Cheers, Jenny Frame, for creating such a cool paranormal world for us & those fabulous characters are simply delish! I hope this series continues as there’s so much potential in the characters & situations introduced in this 1st book that I’d love to read more about & explore as Byron/Amelia & their cohorts continue their journey of love, family & unity as they tread along the human & paranormal worlds!

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