Lex Files

by Celeste Castro

What is terrorizing a nature preserve near a small town in rural Idaho? Half the town believes it’s the Lake Lowell Ghost and the rest are convinced it’s a diabolical beast. With no end in sight, they need help.

Enter Special Agent Winifred Ford,Federal Bureau of Investigation. She has an eye for the unexplained and a history with the creature at large.

Joining the hunt is State Fish & Wildlife Officer Daya Soto and her partner, Lexy—a specialist in wildlife enforcement who happens to be a Karelian Bear Dog.

Can the two women work together when one faces east toward logic and the other faces west toward the realm of impossibility? In an age where science and facts rule, blind trust can be a lot to ask of anyone.



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Genre Paranormal, Romance
Length 304 pages
Publication Date October 18, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470178
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


GCLS Goldie Awards
Lex Files — Finalist, Paranormal/Occult/Horror.


"My big (older, much much older) sister and I are obsessed with The X-Files. One of my favorite episodes is "The Great Mutato". It’s about a creature running amuck and everyone is speculating and it has two mouths, and there’s a half-eaten sandwich to prove it! (Her favorite episode is "Home" about a long forgotten family of inbreeders, but I wasn’t about to write a lesbian romance about that!)

"The Great Mutato" is the basic premise of Lex Files. There’s a strange creature, possibly misunderstood, wild speculation and fantastical eyewitnesses. In my story, swap Scully and Mulder for two Scullys, one of which is a very awkward (definitely misunderstood) FBI agent. The other is a wildlife enforcement officer who happens to be the top tracker in twelve states, skilled at taming wild animals (and awkward women). The real star of the story is Lexy, so named after my sister’s dog, who graced us with her presence for eleven (short) years. Lexy’s spirit is resurrected in this story and she will ever live as a hero and in the form of a tough-as-nails Karelian Bear Dog (here’s a little more about why I chose this dog breed). Our pets are our family and when it’s time to say goodbye, it’s gut reaching, but their spirits can endure through our memories and stories."

—Celeste Castro


The Lesbian Review
I enjoyed the premise of the entire novel really. I was a fan of X-Files back in the day and I still enjoy a good paranormal book. While I’m not really a fan of mystery, I feel like there are always mysterious elements where it comes to a paranormal novel. I thought the book was entertaining and could even make for a great first book in a series. I could certainly see Ford, Soto, and the wonderful Lexy working together on another case. I hope to see it actually.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - This story is a little bit X Files but with lesbians. I thought the whole premise was really entertaining. It was also really different. I have not read a lesfic book like this before and I always love when that happens. I also liked that while there are paranormal parts of this story, Castro used theories that are actually talked about in real life. So yes, while you do have to suspend some disbelief, this book wasn’t really so far out there. Since this book is called the Lex Files, I’m hoping that it will mean another installment. While the main storyline is wrapped up, this book screams for a sequel to me. If so I would not hesitate to read it.

Catherine Lane’s Reviews - From the title, the Lex Files, you know right from the start that the story is a paranormal romance. I’m a fan of the genre, and with a clear nod to the X-Files series, Castro has big shoes to fill. She doesn’t disappoint. There’s much more to like about this book as well. First off, Castro is a master of dialogue. There is one particular scene where the two leads are interviewing a birdwatching couple that is hilarious, and don’t get me started on how adorable the chapter headings are. “Federal Bitch of Investigation”, for example. The ending, without giving anything away, is completely satisfying. I was afraid that with such a long lead up, it would fall flat. But, no, the resolution works perfectly and even thematically touches on the concerns of the day.

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