Swipe Right

by Tagan Shepard

Kieran Hall has never been lucky in love. She married her high school sweetheart only to have him leave when she came out as pansexual. Then there was her rebound relationship that turned serious. It wasn’t long before they were out the door, too.

For years Kieran avoided any attempts at finding the next person to break her heart, building a life that is comfortable but lonely. That loneliness has finally pushed her to give dating another shot. The only problem is, without freshman homeroom or a chance meeting in a bar, she doesn’t know how to meet someone new.

With the help of her best friend, Penelope, Kieran takes the plunge into the intimidating world of dating apps. It’s just as bad as she knew it would be, but Pen is always there to pick her up and dust her off after another disaster. In fact, hanging out with Pen quickly becomes her main motivation to keep swiping right.

When one of her dates suggests that maybe her dating problems stem from her feelings for her best friend it leads Kieran to wonder, could love have been there in front of her all the time?

Genre Romance
Publication Date June 17, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472448

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