Whiskey War

by Stacy Lynn Miller

At the height of Prohibition and the dawn of the Great Depression, lesbian couple Dax and Rose look forward to a clandestine life together in Half Moon Bay, hiding a treasure trove of stolen whiskey.

To save their floundering restaurant, Dax tries to offload the barrels in San Francisco, only to rouse her estranged brother-in-law, Logan. He sniffs out their stash, and soon they all get a taste of the dark side of bootlegging.

Enter Grace Parsons, Rose’s glamorous ex and Hollywood elite, offering a way out. But her intervention ignites a violent feud that puts everyone at risk. Can Dax and Rose survive the whiskey war they never wanted?

Book two in the Speakeasy Series.



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Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 290 pages
Publication Date December 14, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474602
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"The concept for the Speakeasy series started with the question: What if a group of lesbians operated the poshest speakeasy on the West Coast during Prohibition? That era was a man’s world, wrought by greed and violence, so I had to create female characters willing and able to go toe to toe with the greediest and most vicious of the lot. That responsibility fell to Dax Xander and Grace Parsons—the two characters who would do anything to protect the woman they loved. And in this story, they face the danger without hesitation.

While researching the series, I found an article about the Queens of the Speakeasies. While many women penetrated that dark world, where illegal liquor flowed like water by working as servers and entertainers, few had the fortitude to run the establishments and do whatever it took to stay in business.

Three women stood out in New York City, where speakeasies were the Starbucks of their time with over 3,200 in the city at its peak. Texas Guinan, Helen Morgan, and Belle Livingstone ran stylish nightclub-type speakeasies for the affluent, the model I used for the Beacon Club in the book. So, in honor of these three trailblazers, I dedicate Whiskey War.

I hope you enjoy reading about the group of sapphic women I’ve created, their rise to power, and the hurdles Dax and Rose face to keep their love alive."

—Stacy Lynn Miller


Women Using Words
Stacy Lynn Miller once again delivers a thrilling tale for sapphic historical romance enthusiasts. Whiskey War seamlessly blends love and passion against a backdrop of secrecy and suspense. Miller’s storytelling talent is evident, solidifying her position among top authors in the genre.

Kennedy O. - Whiskey War is a fantastic follow-up in the speakeasy series.

The Lesbian Review
It was great to read a second book that is just as good as the first one.

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